27 Jul 2017

Justin Trudeau: He’s Actually Not That Great

I wonder if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau realizes how much of his current popularity is owed to Donald Trump being president. I am Canadian. I voted for Justin. I would vote for Justin again. I almost certainly will vote for him again, but I’ll explain more on the next

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24 Jul 2017

Don’t Give Up. Please, Don’t Give Up.

I buy these gigantic bricks of Kraft cheddar you could club a baby seal to death with. That’s how much cheese I’m about to drop on you. Bear with me. Like many ideas for an article, it came to me on a run, going up a hill, when it was

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14 Jul 2017

The Biggest Loser Wasn’t the Answer to Changing People’s Lives

I am about to do a bad thing. I’m going to link to the Daily Mail. Here. Ug. So dirty now. Commonly referred to as the “Daily Fail,” it is far from being a reputable news source, but they’re the ones with the story alleging the fat-shaming train wreck of

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20 Jun 2017

Stop Pretending You Know Why People Are Fat

As often happens in modern society, it all started with someone being an asshole on the internet. Make that many assholes. I shared an article yesterday with the title “Two photos that show what thin privilege looks like.” But it’s not the photos that reveal thin privilege, it’s the comments

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