11 Sep 2017

Detraining is a Bastard. This is How You Deal.

When it comes to cycling ability, right now is as good as I’ve ever been. Last week I did my hardest and longest route, and beat my best pace for this route by 5%. Go me. Yesterday, I ran. And I sucked. That’s because I’m detrained for running right now,

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30 Jul 2017

Beware the Fake Male Feminist

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has no reason to lie about being a feminist. A few years back he proclaimed his feminism on Ellen, then created a video about it, of which Time Magazine said, “This doesn’t feel like one of those ‘love me, I’m a feminist!’ PR stunts – it actually seems

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27 Jul 2017

Justin Trudeau: He’s Actually Not That Great

I wonder if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau realizes how much of his current popularity is owed to Donald Trump being president. I am Canadian. I voted for Justin. I would vote for Justin again. I almost certainly will vote for him again, but I’ll explain more on the next

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24 Jul 2017

Don’t Give Up. Please, Don’t Give Up.

I buy these gigantic bricks of Kraft cheddar you could club a baby seal to death with. That’s how much cheese I’m about to drop on you. Bear with me. Like many ideas for an article, it came to me on a run, going up a hill, when it was

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