13 Jul 2018

#metoo Only Makes Dating More Difficult if You’re a Rapist

I expect that title should serve as your content warning. So much for the brave and kind-hearted superhero with a strong moral code. The current Man of Steel is less about justice and more into complaining about “rules” when it’s just us. Henry Cavill, who has played the role of

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03 Jul 2018

What the Fuck Is with All These Different Kinds of Water?

Texas makes my brain hurt. I was in Austin for a tradeshow, went out drinking (alcohol), and couldn’t choke down enough of their vile-tasting tap water before bed to prevent a hangover. Not sure if that’s still the case, but in 2002 it was nasty, and I woke up with

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15 Jun 2018

What Happened After She Said No

Content Warning: Many Horrible Things.  “No.” It’s a complete sentence, not the beginning of a negotiation process. Merriam Webster: “used as a function word to express the negative.” Was watching a movie with a friend. He tried to kiss me, I told him “No, we’re just friends.”  He started trying

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11 Jun 2018

Dear America: You Don’t Need to Apologize for Trump

I’m a Canadian with many American readers. Those readers know I’ve never been a Trump fan. They know because I’ve written articles like this, this, this, this, this, and this. It’s not uncommon for Americans to apologize to me for Donald Trump. I receive emails and private messages and comments on social media expressing

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