18 Oct 2017

The Training Mask Is Bullshit

Luke, I am your father … Your very gullible father … Perhaps the guy at the gym with the Darth Vader looking mask thinks he’s a Sith Lord badass workout warrior. Instead, he spent $80 so he could pay for the privilege of having a shitty workout. The training mask,

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17 Oct 2017

I’m White. I’m Male. I’m Privileged As Fuck.

The snowstorm came out of nowhere, and I was pissed drunk. I tried for almost an hour to flag a cab, but they were all full. Finally, I approached a stranger and asked if he could help. He was heading in the right direction and got me more than halfway

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16 Oct 2017

“Me too” Instantly Derailed into a “What-about-the / STFU” Shit Spiral

I’m going to try real hard to not fuck this up. Plenty of hurt feelings out there, I don’t wish to add to it. It began* with a tweet by actor Alyssa Milano: Interestingly, although not at all relevant, I had my interview with her Who’s the Boss? co-star Judith

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15 Oct 2017

Attention Men: It’s Time to Be Your Weird Self

Always be yourself. Why? Because that other guy you’re trying to be? He’s an asshole. No one likes him. This message has been brought to you by: Personal Experience. But who is this guy we call “Yourself?” Yourself is a man with great potential, but he needs to avoid being

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