banana bread
29 May 2015

Eat This Motherfucking Banana Bread

My wife is a mother. I’m allowed to use that word. Get over it. I put Nutella in my banana bread a while ago. That was stupid. Why was it stupid? Because a shit-ton of calories were added for a negligible change in taste, that’s why. It was my kids’

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22 May 2015

Don’t Want to Exercise? Suck It Up!

You know those “one weird trick” ads? This piece includes a trick that actually works, and does not come with recurring charges to your credit card. A number of times I’ve discussed how important it is to develop passion for the exercise you engage in. It’s passion – enjoying the

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15 May 2015

Proof That Bad Press Hurts Charlatans

News flash, everyone: I wrote something that caused discomfort in some posterior orifices. A while back I wrote a piece entitled “Why it’s important to take down charlatans.” It blew up pretty big, and also attracted the ire of some of the biggest trolls in health and fitness, one of

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14 May 2015

Let’s Call Men’s Rights Activists By Their True Names

A half-century or so ago those in possession of a Y chromosome had it good (the white ones, at least). Back in the good old days, it was legal for a man to rape his wife. But then the feminist bitches took over, and starting in the 1970s they began

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