20 Apr 2018

Your Bullshit Is No More Sacred Than Any Other Bullshit

When I get a friend request on Facebook and the profile is 90% breasts, the first thing that pops into my mind is “bot.” Well, maybe not the first thing. But shortly after that first thing, I figure it’s a bot, and delete the request. Otherwise, so long as the person

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19 Apr 2018

The Myth of the Scrawny Marathoner

A lot of people hate on cardio, cuz it will kill yer gainz, brah. Or something. Question: How big do you need to be? Life is a series of compromises. You can’t be an elite marathoner and be huge. Likewise, you can’t be a competitive bodybuilder and be a fast

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11 Apr 2018

Breaking the Silence on Male Eating Disorders

Seeing him now, it’s hard to imagine Alex Viada ever suffered from an eating disorder. He’s a muscular and ripped powerlifter and Ironman triathlete. When I interviewed him a while back about being a hybrid athlete I had no idea of his history with what many consider “a woman’s disease.”

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10 Apr 2018

The 10 Commandments of Having a Penis

And lo, man* arrived upon the earth, and looked down, and was pleased. Impressed with the magnificence of his member, he wished to share it with the world, but the Lord came unto him and said, “Dude, careful with the ‘came unto’ stuff with that thing. And man was all

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