coke diabetes
03 Jul 2015

Coke, CrossFit, and Created Outrage

I’m no fan of CrossFit creator and CEO Greg Glassman, and yet I find myself defending him. I guess since I’m choosing Greg’s side over that of one of the Jonas brothers makes it easier. Glassman used the official CrossFit Twitter account to post the above “open diabetes” image. Then

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02 Jul 2015

What is the Solution to Obesity?

Dystopian futures have obesity figured out. In the science-fiction big-gubmint hyper-controlled libertarian-nightmare future we’re all implanted with activity monitors and receive painful electric shocks if we don’t meet our daily exercise requirements, and all our calories are carefully allocated based on our specific metabolic and health needs. But freedom tho.

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Sorry for making you wait 30 seconds to hear gunfire again.
30 Jun 2015

How to be Alpha as Fuck

It takes more than a Y chromosome and a pair of testicles to be a man. You need to be a male man. An alpha male man. And you can’t be an alpha male man without having the “alpha male body.” How do you get such a body? You need

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gay marriage
26 Jun 2015

How Legalized Gay Marriage Improves Straight Marriage

There are plenty of Americans threatening to move to Canada right now. It also happened after the Affordable Care Act became law; some who opposed it took to social media to proclaim they’d have to move to Canada, cuz freedom, or something. Yeah, about that … we’ve had socialized medicine

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