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27 Nov 2015

Puppies Are On Fire! A.K.A. How To Appreciate Your Body

I hate the sound of my own voice. In my head, I have a smooth, late-night DJ quality voice that makes panties drop. Listening to it recorded? I want to stab that guy in the sphincter with an epileptic wolverine. I’m on the radio every week. I have no idea

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18 Nov 2015

This One Word Defines How Men’s Rights Activists See Women

It’s not a new word. In fact, it’s been around for some time in reference to a specific type of brood parasitism. Biological science time. Brood parasitism is when one animal dupes another animal into raising their offspring for them. For example, there are “monogamous” bird species where the female

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15 Nov 2015

The Weaponization of Religion

Homo sapiens are primed for belief. Our troglodyte ancestors were too ill informed to understand what stars, the moon or lightning is, so they made stuff up in order to cope with the unknown. We evolved to seek some kind of otherworldly protection from strange and fearful things. It has

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winter run
13 Nov 2015

Why (And How) I Became a Runner

Eighth grade in Jr. High and the sadistic gym teacher with the Napoleon complex was describing our running route. “I missed that,” I said to the boy next to me. “Where do we turn left?” The boy sneered. “Do you actually think you’re going to be out in front?” Oh,

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