21 Jul 2016

Why Your Diet Is Doomed To Fail

Chances are you’ve danced with many diets, and yet here you are. Any diet that allows you to restrict calories is going to lead to weight loss. As long as you’re not overeating, then all diets will work. But one question you need to ask yourself is: “How do I

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12 Jul 2016

Anti-Sugar Cultists Are Totally Fucking Batshit

Tom Cruise exploded. It’s a scene from that new show on AMC called Preacher. Some otherworldly power keeps flying around trying to find a religious figure to inhabit, seeking the right one. If they are unworthy, then you get homunculus guts blown all over a church full of Scientologists. Or

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30 Jun 2016

Stupid Fitness Sayings That Need To Die

“Go hard or go home” is some of the stupidest exercise advice ever. First off, not every day is supposed to be all out; beast mode does sleep. Better advice would be “Go hard or … go less hard.” It’s not going at all that is the problem. Over the

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24 Jun 2016

Why You Should Go To Your High School Reunion

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” What grade did we read watch A Tale of Two Cities? For some, it was a horror, others, their prime years. Realistically, I doubt many view high school as the best of times. In the movie Dazed and

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