30 May 2016

I Blinked, And My Kids Disappeared

I was 16 years old in a hot tub at the wave pool with my girlfriend, sucking on her face. Because that’s what obnoxious teenagers who’ve recently discovered each other’s naughty bits do: They publicly display their affection regardless of how many bystander stomachs it causes to churn. I came

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27 May 2016

The A to Z of Getting in Shape – Drill Sergeant Version

Yesterday I published the nice, kind, gentle version of this and it fucking died. Barely anyone read it. So you asked for this, you fuckers.   All right motherfucker, listen up. Bitch, you need to get your ass in gear. Cuz this is some serious shit you’re in. D stands

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26 May 2016

The A to Z of Getting in Shape

Always remember that this body and this life are all that you have. Believe you can persevere. Believe when you fail. Believe when you fall. Create in your heart a place that is yours alone, a place you will nourish. Designate time and resources; break from responsibility and do this

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20 May 2016

Advice for Men Who Run: Never Look Back

The title is not a metaphor; it is literal. I never thought about it much until a conversation with a fellow runner at The Fitness Summit in 2015. The conversation began as a discussion about using music for running motivation. She told me she couldn’t use music any longer after

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