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21 Apr 2016

In Reply To Your Thoughtful Comment

Thank you for taking some of your immensely valuable time to post a comment on my social media. Rest assured that I read at least some of it, and I’m certain the remainder was logical, factual, well written, free of grammatical or spelling errors, and did not at all resemble

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15 Apr 2016

“Natural” Is A Bullshit Word Creating Mass Death

Mary, fear that reaper. He’s a dick, and he’s coming for you. He’s coming for us all. Modern technology is one of the only weapons we have to keep that bastard at bay. On a related note, no one has ever become cancer free because of a “natural cure.” I

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baby weightlifter
11 Apr 2016

Do You Even Functional, Bro?

It used to be that the buzzword of the day was “functional” exercise. And then, as the fitness industry is wont to do, it heaped scorn. Functional is a bullshit word. It’s meaningless. Any time someone says an exercise is functional it means they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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06 Apr 2016

The Secret Of Weight Loss Wrap “It Works!” Is That It Fucking Doesn’t

Excuse me while I duh for you. Duh. Duh! DUH!!! It Works! is expensive “natural” Saran Wrap sold via multilevel marketing to cleanse toxins and vaporize belly fat. If you think that actually happens, you’re dumber than a box of otter snot. That’s not fair … to the otter snot.

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