26 Jul 2015

Dear Yahoo: Why Did You Decide to Start Killing Children?

Photo credit: iStock via Yahoo.  Dear terminator of the incompetent at Yahoo: You have some work to do. A head needs to roll. A slip of pink needs delivering. A boot needs to be given. A pair of buttocks need to be shown a door. Which posterior it is in

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22 Jul 2015

John Burk: Fitness Douchebag of the Week

“You are a disgusting fat body, Private Pyle!” The drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket spoke those words, and we all know how things turned out for those two characters. Fictionalized bathroom murder-suicides aside, when you have a captive audience of enlisted men who have no choice but to follow

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boston marathon james fell
20 Jul 2015

5 Tips to Improve Your Running Technique

When faced with the prospect of altering my running technique, my initial response was No. Friggin’. Way. I mean, who really needs a running coach? Humans have been running for millennia. We just put on some shoes and go out and do it. Your technique is what it is, and

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10 Jul 2015

To Shame Or Not To Shame

I screamed “Fucker!” right into his hipster douchebag face. It was born mostly of rage, but part of me also desired to shame the douchebag in the hope that in so doing he may be less likely to act like such a douchebag in the future. Who am I kidding?

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