24 Sep 2016

In Defense Of Food As Fuel

This piece was co-authored with Margaret Leitch, Phd In a nutshell, this is what Stone Age people thought about their nutritional requirements: STUFF FOOD IN FACE HOLE! This approach to eating kept enough of them alive until they could procreate so eventually you could order pizza on your iPhone while

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Credit: Paul Haigh.
22 Sep 2016

How To Lose Over 7 Pounds With No Effort

Butter is not a super food. Butter is NOT a super food. Butter. Is not. A motherfucking. Super food. While we’re on eire subject, there is no such thing as a super food, Oedipal or otherwise. Putting butter in coffee is one of the most drain-bamaged-dumb-fuck-stick-a-fork-in-an-electrical-socket-culinary-abortion things you can do. In

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21 Sep 2016

Weight Loss And The Self-Love / Self-Awareness / Self-Loathing Continuum

Spent some time feeling inferior, standing in front of my mirror.                                        – Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells a Story   I am not quite Chewbacca. But it doesn’t bother me. In

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07 Sep 2016

Fuck You And Your Cargo Shorts Hate

From my cold, dead ass. I’m 48. I have a kid who is about to turn 18 so technically I could become a grandparent any day now (But I bloody well better not!). I’ve been with the same woman 27 years, drive a Honda and live in suburbia. My fashion-minded

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