29 Aug 2015

The Neanderthal Diet

There is immense power deep within your DNA, waiting to be unlocked. Humans and Neanderthals have a common ancestor dating back to half a million years ago. But as you will see, Neanderthals split off and became the superior species. How is it possible that they were superior if they’re

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27 Aug 2015

Urine Trouble: Squirting, Paleo, And Your Pet Bullshit

As a young lad I may have watched an adult film or two on VHS tape. I may in fact have worn out the remote control on the VCR from such viewings. I remember one scene where an orgasmic woman hosed down the set like it was on fire, and

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dog and bone
04 Aug 2015

Your Dog Will Eat You (And Cannabis Won’t Cure Cancer)

In autumn 1994 Florida resident Diane Duyser had a religious experience with her lunch. You are likely familiar with the story, because the image of the Virgin Mary burned into her grilled cheese sandwich became part of pop culture. It is a convincing representation of a woman’s face in white

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26 Jul 2015

Dear Yahoo: Why Did You Decide to Start Killing Children?

Photo credit: iStock via Yahoo.  Dear terminator of the incompetent at Yahoo: You have some work to do. A head needs to roll. A slip of pink needs delivering. A boot needs to be given. A pair of buttocks need to be shown a door. Which posterior it is in

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