23 May 2018

Choke Down this Motherfucking Green Shit Because It’s Good for You

When I was a boy of about six, I crawled into my mother’s lap as she sat on the couch. We snuggled for a bit, her arms wrapped around me, then her hand felt something slimy. Busted. The green vegetable mixture that had been on my dinner plate was oozing

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22 May 2018

Jordan Peterson Revealed as a Men’s Rights Activist

Jordan Peterson. Ugh. Just … Fuck This Guy. And by that, I mean no one should ever fuck this guy. Especially now he’s gone full male supremacist, spewing some “enforced monogamy” bullshit because he thinks the way to stop violent attacks is to ensure equality of access to vaginas via

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15 May 2018

Stop Trying to Tiptoe Safely to Death

If the present tries to sit in judgement of the past, it will lose the future. – Sir Winston Churchill Churchill’s quote doesn’t mean we should not critically evaluate our past mistakes. However, examining that over which guilt is felt is not about being paralyzed with feelings of wretchedness. It’s

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11 May 2018

“Soy Boy” Insult Replaces “Cuck” And Says Everything You Need to Know About the User

It’s not even based on good science, but since when was accuracy a concern for sexist douchebags? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called a cuck. It’s an ironic insult coming from some of the whiniest losers on the planet about how I’m not a real man because

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