20 Jun 2017

Stop Pretending You Know Why People Are Fat

As often happens in modern society, it all started with someone being an asshole on the internet. Make that many assholes. I shared an article yesterday with the title “Two photos that show what thin privilege looks like.” But it’s not the photos that reveal thin privilege, it’s the comments

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09 Jun 2017

A Letter to Bill’s Children About Their Father’s Homophobia

There are soon to be five of you; your father’s path need not be your path. It is possible one of you may grow up to be something other than what would fit into your dad’s view of acceptable sexuality. At the least, you will meet people who don’t, and

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25 May 2017

Men’s Rights Activists Have Taken Over Urban Dictionary

The most useful aspect of www.UrbanDictionary.com is as a deciphering tool. TIL SJWs have no swag. Someone needs to H2H them. jk dgaf. Urban Dictionary is a crowd-sourced time waster; a dictionary of internet slang. I’ve wasted time there myself, offering my own definition. Anyone can post anything and it’s

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18 May 2017

Understanding Caloric Deficits for Weight Loss

Lots of people: “Eat less, move more.” Me: “Shut the fuck up.” This is NOT a denial of caloric balance. It is an undeniable fact that calories in – calories out (CICO) is the only reality that matters for losing weight, and any brainless fuckstick talking about some “obesity code”

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