This picture tells you most of what you need to know about me. All it’s missing is my wife grabbing my ass and my kids telling me to put a shirt on.

If you care, I’ve got some credentials, and stuff. I’m a certified strength and conditioning specialist via the NSCA, which I’m told is a respected designation. The course was tough. I passed. Go me. I’ve also got an MBA from the University of Calgary, which means I know lots about things like goal setting, strategic planning and time management, all of which are relevant to getting in shape. (And it means I can’t operate a photocopier.)

Also, I write good well.

I author the syndicated column “In-Your-Face Fitness” for the Chicago Tribune and Tribune Newspapers, am a regular contributor to the health column “5 Questions” for the Los Angeles Times, am a regular contributor to TIME Magazine and have yet another fitness column with AskMen.com, and had over a hundred articles published with AOL as the “Fit Family Guy.”

I’ve also written for a bunch of fitness magazines and for some bizarre reason had two fitness-type stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Oh, and I do a weekly radio appearance on QR77 at 4:45 MTN every Monday.

In working with clients, I focus on the big picture. There are lots of great hands-on personal trainers and registered dietitians out there, and I’m happy to assist you in picking the right ones – if necessary – for “tactical implementation” of your strategic fitness plan. Strategic planning is what I’m best at, and it allows me to help people from anywhere in the world understand health, fitness, physical performance and fat loss from a comprehensive view that takes their entire lives into account. Read what intelligent and nice people think of me. You can also learn about my book published by Random House.
Just don’t call me a “Life Coach” or I might barf.


More Boring Stuff about Me

I used to be fat.

This was me back in 1993 at age 25; too ashamed to let my picture be taken with a shirt off. (I’ve gotten over that whole “not taking shirt off” thing since then.)

I was never an athlete growing up, and on the schoolyard field of battle known as gym class, I made the geeks look good.

I was such a spaz that when I tried to kick a soccer ball I ended up getting myself in the nuts. If someone actually let me quarterback I threw wobbling interceptions. Let’s not talk about me ever catching a football, or any other kind of ball. I think I might have sunk a basketball. Once.

I always came out of a dodge ball game with some sort of head trauma.

I got picked last when teams were being selected by heartless captains (or any captains), and the Napoleonic gym teacher seemed to hold me personally responsible for the fact that it took him eight years to finish a phys. ed. degree.

After high school I got the “freshman 15” factored by three. I also met a beautiful and brilliant woman and wanted to propose, but figured I should get my fat ass in shape first. Body for Wife, indeed.

Over time I lost 50 pounds of flab and man boobs and gained about 20 pounds of muscle. To do this I had to overcome a combination of hating exercise, loving junk food, and worshipping beer.

I still like the suds, but we have a healthier relationship now.

I learned the most important thing about fitness while going through this process: Motivation rules all! You can have awesome genetics and know the science of fat loss and muscle building, but if you can’t put down the doughnut and unglue your ass from the couch then you’re screwed. And potato-shaped. You’re a screwed potato.

On the topic of genetics, if you saw my parents in their bathing suits you’d realize I’m not programmed for thinness. I had to work hard to get fit. Correction: I had to play hard.

See, that’s what it’s all about. I don’t extol some non-existent quick fix of “Only 20 minutes, three times a week” because such thinking perpetuates the myth of exercise as a punishment to be endured for achieving an end, and that’s a crock.

You want to be fit? Then it’s time to feel the love. This is where my almost getting a minor in psychology comes in handy: I teach people to love exercise so they want to do it lots and make their bodies capable of amazing things. I also teach them to at least tolerate healthy and calorie-aware eating.

Speaking of love…


About My Wife

Since I’m the “Body for Wife” guy, I should tell you about her.

She’s very pretty.

And brilliant, which is why she’s my primary scientific and health advisor. She was a straight “A” student studying biochemistry and received early acceptance to the University of Calgary’s medical school, where she graduated at the top of her class in 1995. She’s been a practicing family physician since 1997.

Also, she’s got an internationally-recognized black belt in karate, so don’t piss her off.

And Finally…

I haven’t gotten close to learning all there is to know about health and fitness. Anyone who is certain they have all the answers should be avoided, because they’re either scamming you or just none too bright.

On that note: I dig smart people, so much of my advice is vetted through folks with relevant PhDs and other highly respected designations.
I mention this because I’m not on national television yelling at morbidly obese people, so I must borrow credibility from sources other than simple celebrity.

I can help you reach your fitness goals.
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