16 Nov 2017

Running is Different for Women

Of course running is different for women; they get an extra half hour across the board to qualify for Boston. When you examine the numbers for every distance, men are the fastest. That’s a physiological difference, and totally not what I’m interested in discussing. Running is different for women in

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14 Nov 2017

6 Health and Fitness “Stupidity Taxes” You Need to Stop Paying

Break out the Preparation H; it’s time for some rectal discomfort. The term “stupidity tax” was coined as a method of maligning the poor for spending money on lottery tickets. The reality is that the American dream rarely comes true, and the poor have limited opportunities for creating significant wealth.

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13 Nov 2017

No, John Grisham, There Is NOTHING Okay About Watching Children Be Sexually Abused

I used to see this guy every day at the gym at the University of Calgary, and he creeped me out just a little. I’m being overly judgy, because what I found strange about him was that he wore a T-shirt that said, “Waiting for healthcare makes me sick.” Nothing

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12 Nov 2017

“Bigorexia” – How the Media Promotes Muscle Dysmorphia in Men

There is a new Thor movie out, and damn but Chris Hemsworth looks good. Much has been made of the decreased effect of gravity on female movie stars in recent decades, and how this sets an impossible standard for girls, leading to body image issues. But a similar effect has

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