31 Dec 2017

My Top 10 Posts of 2017

Unless you think Roy Moore is a swell guy, and you just got your third Trump tattoo, then 2017 was the year that could teach things that suck how to suck. It wasn’t a dumpster fire, it was a Porta Potty fire. But for me, 2017 was perhaps the best

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30 Dec 2017

The Last Jedi Is Vegan Propaganda

Fucking porgs. I’m trying to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and you’re pulling wires and shit out of the dashboard on the Aluminum Falcon. I just got this hunk of junk back together! This post contains a heap o’ spoilers, FYI. Porgs. You bet your ass

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20 Dec 2017

How to be Sexist (and Racist) with Statistics

If you have pale skin and a penis, your opinion must be made known. Often, by writing many, many paragraphs. The irony of that previous paragraph is not lost on me. A couple of days ago, I wrote a piece with the admittedly incendiary title “Men Are Varying Degrees of

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19 Dec 2017

Is Your Cardio Hit or Miss? (A.K.A. How Fast Should You Run?)

Intensity is relative. I’m a moderately fast runner. For me, I’ll never do a 10K slower than an hour unless I’m trudging through snow. For others, running a 10K under 60 minutes is a goal they’re chasing. For others still, anything longer than 45 minutes is plodding. So, we won’t

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