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If you fail to plan you can plan to fail. Want to get in shape? Don’t “Just do it.” Instead: Plan, prepare, THEN do. Personal training and nutrition counselling are valuable, but before that you need to understand the big picture of a fit lifestyle.


I’m an MBA grad and professional fitness speaker / motivator who has given over a hundred presentations to groups as large as 500 and as small as half a dozen. I specialize in providing a unique, realistic and science-based perspective on how to achieve health and fitness using  goal setting, time management and strategic planning. To have me speak at your conference, company or event Contact Me for more details and a quote.
Personal Fitness Consulting
If you’ve got fitness goals you want to achieve I’ll put together a comprehensive strategic plan that will motivate you in a phased, step-by-step manner. I can work with anyone in the world via a combination of phone and email. -This is not handson personal training, but comprehensive planning and motivation for lifestyle change. (I only do hands-on personal training for a small clientele and am closed to new clients).

One thing you should know about me is that I’m not into long-term handholding. There will be no hardcore sales pitch for you to buy lots of consulting; there will be exactly the opposite. I want my clients to graduate out of needing me as soon as possible because the strongest form of motivation comes from within by developing confidence and competence, not from having some motivational babysitter on hand to yell at them. To this end, I am happy to work with you to find a well-qualified personal trainer to help you with the hands-on portion of your training, should  you need one. I can deal with them directly to ensure you are not taken advantage of (which is a serious problem in the industry). I am also happy to find a registered dietitian to help on the food side if necessary. I have a vast network and know what types of qualifications to look for. I receive zero kickbacks for my recommendations, but instead only recommend people who I believe are in your best interests to work with.

Please note that I am selective about my clientele. Serious inquiries only should send me a short description of your situation and your goals to

I’ll let you know if I think I can help, and provide a quote that works within your budget to give you the most value for your money.