13 Mar 2017

Ed Whitlock Will Inspire Runners for Years to Come

I want to be like Ed Whitlock when I grow up. I first became aware of Ed only six years ago, when he ran the Toronto Marathon in 3:15 at the age of 80, and I immediately became a fan. I ran my fastest marathon when I was 35 years

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07 Mar 2017

Online Dating Advice, from a Guy Who Has Never Done Online Dating

My relationship predates the advent of internet dating. In 1989, I’m not sure “internet” was a word that people outside of super geekdom even knew about. I met my wife at a concert on campus and managed to not creep her out in the first five minutes, so she was

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03 Mar 2017

Toxic Masculinity: The Ego Makes the Poison

I’m going to miss being my daughter’s taxi driver. Soon she’ll get her driver’s license. Until then I’ll cherish every conversation we have and song we enjoy on the radio while I transport her to forty-eleven karate lessons per week. Recently, “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club came on; I turned

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28 Feb 2017

How High Intensity Interval Training Helps You Lose Weight

If crop circles appear in a cornfield, Occam’s razor dictates that it is far more likely to be a bunch of stoned frat boys pulling a prank, not an extraterrestrial visitation. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been praised as the ultimate fat burner for more than two decades, since

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