11 May 2017

Acknowledge Your Fit Privilege

Fit shaming is kind of a thing. A little bit. But in some ways, it is also not a thing, the same way reverse racism is not a thing. Bet that pissed off the Milo fans. Good. Fuck them. And by that, I mean no one should ever fuck them.

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22 Apr 2017

Diet Coke Won’t Cause Stroke, But Reading Sensationalistic Headlines Might

A new study closely controlled several groups of identical twins with identical diets, identical body weights, identical exercise regimens, identical lives and stress levels, and had one of them drink diet soda and the other not. Then it followed them for many years to determine that diet soda fucks you

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19 Apr 2017

Stressed Out? Get Relief with Exercise

Do you ever feel like making a voodoo doll in the image of your boss, stabbing it full of pins, twisting its head off, then setting it on fire? I remember those days. Speaking of the old days, here’s to the good old mammoth-slaying Stone Age, when we knew how

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08 Apr 2017

Muscles and Misogyny: Sexism in the Fitness Industry

When you have a mom like mine, it’s difficult to grow up to be a sexist piece of shit. Please note that for the remainder of this article, the word “sexist” will always be followed by the words “piece of shit.” Because accurate. It’s 2017, for fuck’s sake. Grow a

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