08 May 2018

“The Secret” Is Worse than Bullshit. Such Positive Fantasies Kill Motivation

I’m running. The iPod is blasting. “The Spirit of Radio” by Rush comes up with its classic opening riff; my fingers twitch. Before long, I am attempting air guitar while continuing to run. Vehicles whiz by. I imagine some of the occupants are staring and thinking, What a weirdo. Being

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01 May 2018

It’s “People with Obesity,” Not “Obese People.” Just, You Know, FYI.

If I lived in Ottawa, I expect I’d drink more scotch. That’s because I’d be hanging out with my friend Dr. Yoni Freedhoff a lot more. Alas, the skiing wouldn’t be as good. When I wrote my piece “What Is the Solution to Obesity?” three years ago I had Yoni go over

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27 Apr 2018

Eat This Motherfucking Beef (or Lamb) Stew

I looked over the edge of the cliff and said, “You first.” This was uncharacteristic. I am usually the one making the first leap into dumbfuckery, with Craig reluctantly following. He pulled a flask from his jacket, took a long pull, and said, “Okay.” We didn’t target the cliff on

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26 Apr 2018

Keto Is the Dumbfuck Diet Du Jour, But That Won’t Last

“Hey, Bob. How are you?” “I’m keto.” “What-o?” “Keto. Key-toe. Keeeeeyyyyy-tooooeeee. Ketogenic diet. State of ketosis. Makin’ ketones! It’s the best. Because grains are evil, fruit is toxic, and fat is amazing. Big Carb has been lying to us all along. Gotta eat fat to burn fat or you’ll be

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