28 Jan 2017

5 Disgusting Things Runners Do

I am a runner, and I have befouled the environment in every way my body can manage. If you have a weak stomach, don’t read this. These are five disgusting things runners do.   1. Stinking things up This is the tamest of the five. It gets worse from here.

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23 Jan 2017

You Are What Is Wrong with the Fitness Industry

On this day, six years ago, a great man died. He lived to be 96, he inspired many, and he was an honest man. I’m talking about Jack LaLanne. I was crushed at his death the way the 70s outsider felt about the loss of David Bowie. It seemed like

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22 Jan 2017

Eat These Motherfucking Chicken Wings

In the days before smartphones and Google, you had to memorize shit. On Wednesday nights in 1994 I was often to be found at the grad student lounge at the University of Calgary, along with my fellow graduate students, who were also doing a master’s in history program. We were

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20 Jan 2017

An Elevator Pitch to Lose Weight and Change Your Life

The following is a true story. I’m going to be vague about this conversation because the person I had it with is a private citizen. He’s a medical specialist that I and my family would see on occasion. Nothing serious, but for maintaining his privacy I don’t want to say

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