29 Aug 2018

When Is the Right Time to Forgive A Sexual Predator?

How about never? Is “never” good for you? Louis C.K. has not atoned, but he’s back. He stayed quiet for nine months, hiding away, making no reparations, and he’s coming back now. And I am so not cool with that. Before I explain why, I don’t mean that no one

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02 Aug 2018

Beyond Meat: One Day, We Will All Be Vegan

If you enjoy a good space opera full of funky aliens, interstellar warfare, and bumping uglies in zero g, Peter Hamilton is your man. Admittedly, he does tend to excrete the sheets with his endings, but the books are still great fun. One book he particularly phoned in the ending

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31 Jul 2018

How to Stay Lean Without Losing Your Mind

Just like there is much maligning of obesity, there is also an (admittedly lesser) tendency on social media to crap on people with the fitness model physique. I’ve written a lot about body acceptance and not obsessing over the scale or what you see in the mirror. While fat shaming

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25 Jul 2018

What NOT to Say When You Learn Someone Has a Serious Illness

I was captain of the blood donor team. It was for an annual corporate challenge—a city wide event—and I sucked people in my company into getting blood sucked out of them. The event ran for three months and included all sorts of physically gruelling events, including tug-o-war (I was anchor

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