18 Dec 2017

Men Are Varying Degrees of Horrible

It was 1980, and non-consensual bum-pinching of girls was a thing. The details are hazy. I was 12, entering puberty. Tight Jordache jeans adorned most every bottom. A baser part of me wanted to pinch one too, but didn’t think I should. I had a sense it was wrong. Some

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16 Dec 2017

How to Lose Weight in a Caloric Surplus

It’s been done. Despite all that “science” stuff those “experts” keep flogging, you totes can make the scale give you a lower number while eating as much as you want. But you gotta hack. Weight loss isn’t about calories. It’s all about the hack. Hack hackity fucking hack hacking. That’s

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14 Dec 2017

How To Not Fall for the Next Diet or Fitness Fad

In the fitness and weight loss industry, serpent lubrication sells like hotcakes. It’s capitalism run amok, and it is not helping. Billions of dollars are at stake to perpetuate the myth of “quick and easy” when it comes to building muscle and/or dropping fat from your frame. If you believe

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13 Dec 2017

Should You Lift Weights to Failure?

Come on, give me one more. Push it! One more rep. Do it! Training to failure, as a concept, is lifting until you can’t lift any more. If you stop at 10 reps, it’s because 11 was impossible. Should you incorporate this kind of training into your lifting regimen as

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