24 Apr 2018

Incels Are a Hate Group Promoting Rape and Murder

The involuntary celibate “incel” community is akin to a diabolical social experiment that took everything toxic about male attitudes towards women, set it aflame to boil off any remnant of rationality, locked it inside a nuclear reactor to force a horrific mutation, then gave it a bunch of hate porn

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20 Apr 2018

Your Bullshit Is No More Sacred Than Any Other Bullshit

When I get a friend request on Facebook and the profile is 90% breasts, the first thing that pops into my mind is “bot.” Well, maybe not the first thing. But shortly after that first thing, I figure it’s a bot, and delete the request. Otherwise, so long as the person

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19 Apr 2018

The Myth of the Scrawny Marathoner

A lot of people hate on cardio, cuz it will kill yer gainz, brah. Or something. Question: How big do you need to be? Life is a series of compromises. You can’t be an elite marathoner and be huge. Likewise, you can’t be a competitive bodybuilder and be a fast

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11 Apr 2018

Breaking the Silence on Male Eating Disorders

Seeing him now, it’s hard to imagine Alex Viada ever suffered from an eating disorder. He’s a muscular and ripped powerlifter and Ironman triathlete. When I interviewed him a while back about being a hybrid athlete I had no idea of his history with what many consider “a woman’s disease.”

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