19 Jan 2017

How to Be a Happy Mom with Healthy Habits

Now that most of that New Year’s resolution bullshit is over … It’s not just about what you see when you look in the mirror. It’s about how you feel; when you look in the mirror, and the rest of the time as well. Motherhood is stressful enough on its

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13 Jan 2017

Go Ahead, Run on that Treadmill

I don’t know who 90% of the people on my Facebook friend list are. At present, I have over 3,500 “friends.” That happens when you’re well known in the fitness industry. Unless we have zero friends in common coupled with your profile photo being 90% cleavage and your more recent

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06 Jan 2017

Leave Her Alone; She’s at the Gym to Work Out

“Women’s Only” gyms are sexist. That was a heaping pile of sarcasm, just FYI. There are many reasons why women’s only gyms exist. Conversely, the reason why men’s only gyms barely exist is that there simply isn’t a demand for them. If women started constantly harassing guys in the gym

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04 Jan 2017

Eat This Motherfucking Roast Beast

“This is not a restaurant. You get it my way or you don’t get it at all.” I spoke those words about ten minutes ago as certain products of my and my beloved’s loins lamented the inclusion of vegetables in my chicken enchiladas. I’ll go along with cilantro being on

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