24 Jul 2018

The Best Writing Advice I Can Possibly Give You

Stephen King said, “I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs.” And yet, I put one in the title. When I’m serious about polishing an article, I’ll do a search for “ly” so I can change things like “really bad” to “egregious.” I’m not serious about polishing this

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22 Jul 2018

Every Dumbfuck Food Documentary on Netflix, Summarized

Scientist: “After analyzing decades of randomly controlled trials we’ve determined …” Moron: “But have you seen What the Health?” Because of Netflix, you get to binge Jessica Jones doing strange things to a black mirror instead of going outside where there are lots of insects and people. And, according to

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20 Jul 2018

The Difference Between a Nice Guy and a Good Man

Women have learned that “But I’m a nice guy” is a red flag. The reason is that the term “nice guy” is often self-anointed, and is proffered as an excuse as to why they’re alone, asserting that women only go for assholes. This image sums up how they see the

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13 Jul 2018

#metoo Only Makes Dating More Difficult if You’re a Rapist

I expect that title should serve as your content warning. So much for the brave and kind-hearted superhero with a strong moral code. The current Man of Steel is less about justice and more into complaining about “rules” when it’s just us. Henry Cavill, who has played the role of

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