01 Jan 2017

My Top 10 Blog Posts for 2016

2016 is finally dead. It took with it General Organa and her mom, Professor Snape and a great ape, two-thirds of a prog rock trio, an Eagle and a Mockingbird author, a spaceman and a space oddity, a crack-smoking mayor, a Prince, and the droid you were looking for. Plus,

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20 Dec 2016

I Won’t Be Reviewing Gary Taubes’s Bullshit Anti-Sugar Science Fiction Book

There is a concept in science fiction writing called the “One Big Lie.” Worm poop fuels interstellar travel. Artificial intelligence turns evil and enslaves us all. An alien virus devastates humanity. Mutants. Warp drives. The Force. Parallel dimensions. Time travel … It is by no means absolute, but some of

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19 Dec 2016

Fragile Male Ego Is Why I Don’t Have a Spaceship

Think of all the people throughout history who never had the chance to reveal their genius. Across the eons, most of humanity remained uneducated, toiling at physical labor to survive, never having the opportunity to discover their intellectual capabilities and make a greater contribution to society. Henry David Thoreau wrote,

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16 Dec 2016

I Was Catcalled and I Liked It

My 15-year-old daughter was recently on the receiving end of her first catcall. It was about as innocuous as they come. The boy was age-appropriate, only about a year or two older, and rolled down the window on his truck and said, “You’re really cute.” When she ignored him, he

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