25 Nov 2016

I Made a Snap Decision to Quit Drinking for a Year

I expect some of my American friends may be feeling a wee bit delicate today. Turkey sandwiches can help with that. The thought of never drinking again seems … boring. I like alcohol. I’ve had good times with beer in hand. When I decided to quit, I knew it wasn’t

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24 Nov 2016

I Used Running to Lose Weight (And it Fucking Worked)

And it still fucking works. I began running in the days before Facebook, so I didn’t have to mentally combat all the “information” one sees on a daily basis about how running causes adrenal fatigue / makes you fat / heats up the planet / shrinks your penis / makes

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22 Nov 2016

Swimming Is the Worst Way to Get Fit

Fish have sex in water. When you’re doing bench press you can be reasonably assured that a whole bunch of people did not have sex on that bench. Probably not too many people have peed on it either. But swimming is one massive involuntary exchange of bodily fluids. Public pools

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09 Nov 2016

An Open Letter to People Who Can Shut The Fuck Up

I expect a lot of Xanax prescriptions will be filled today. What a Trumpmare. But it’s a done deal, so we can now return this site and associated social media pages to its previously scheduled whatever the fuck I feel like writing about. Two-and-a-half years ago I took a chance

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