20 Dec 2017

How to be Sexist (and Racist) with Statistics

If you have pale skin and a penis, your opinion must be made known. Often, by writing many, many paragraphs. The irony of that previous paragraph is not lost on me. A couple of days ago, I wrote a piece with the admittedly incendiary title “Men Are Varying Degrees of

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19 Dec 2017

Is Your Cardio Hit or Miss? (A.K.A. How Fast Should You Run?)

Intensity is relative. I’m a moderately fast runner. For me, I’ll never do a 10K slower than an hour unless I’m trudging through snow. For others, running a 10K under 60 minutes is a goal they’re chasing. For others still, anything longer than 45 minutes is plodding. So, we won’t

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18 Dec 2017

Men Are Varying Degrees of Horrible

It was 1980, and non-consensual bum-pinching of girls was a thing. The details are hazy. I was 12, entering puberty. Tight Jordache jeans adorned most every bottom. A baser part of me wanted to pinch one too, but didn’t think I should. I had a sense it was wrong. Some

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16 Dec 2017

How to Lose Weight in a Caloric Surplus

It’s been done. Despite all that “science” stuff those “experts” keep flogging, you totes can make the scale give you a lower number while eating as much as you want. But you gotta hack. Weight loss isn’t about calories. It’s all about the hack. Hack hackity fucking hack hacking. That’s

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