20 Mar 2017

Detoxing Is Bullshit (Except When It’s Not)

I was in Las Vegas for a press trip a while back, and I was in a lot of pain. I have a low back that is the envy of 90 year olds o’er the land (bulging discs between L4-L5 and L5-S1). Usually it works okay, but once every couple

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14 Mar 2017

How to Stop Rape

A runner fought back, and kicked some rapist ass. It’s a big story right now. Kelly Herron was marathon training in Seattle and stopped for a bathroom break. A registered sex offender, Gary Steiner (image featured above), attacked her in the bathroom and she fought back. She’d taken a self

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13 Mar 2017

Ed Whitlock Will Inspire Runners for Years to Come

I want to be like Ed Whitlock when I grow up. I first became aware of Ed only six years ago, when he ran the Toronto Marathon in 3:15 at the age of 80, and I immediately became a fan. I ran my fastest marathon when I was 35 years

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07 Mar 2017

Online Dating Advice, from a Guy Who Has Never Done Online Dating

My relationship predates the advent of internet dating. In 1989, I’m not sure “internet” was a word that people outside of super geekdom even knew about. I met my wife at a concert on campus and managed to not creep her out in the first five minutes, so she was

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