08 Feb 2017

Why I Don’t Call Myself a Feminist

I am quite certain I have never referred to myself as a feminist. If I ever did, I take it back. The reason why is complicated. Before we get into that, many have labeled me such. There are those who proclaim me feminist, starting with those lovely folks we know

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07 Feb 2017

Why Men Don’t Use Exclamation Points (And Women Do)

Periods are the resting bitch face of punctuation. I’m a surly bastard. At least, the brand / character I’ve created that comes out of my fingertips onto a keyboard is often pissed off about something. Like magical weight loss Saran Wrap, or dark chocolate, or sellers of protein shakes who

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28 Jan 2017

5 Disgusting Things Runners Do

I am a runner, and I have befouled the environment in every way my body can manage. If you have a weak stomach, don’t read this. These are five disgusting things runners do.   1. Stinking things up This is the tamest of the five. It gets worse from here.

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23 Jan 2017

You Are What Is Wrong with the Fitness Industry

On this day, six years ago, a great man died. He lived to be 96, he inspired many, and he was an honest man. I’m talking about Jack LaLanne. I was crushed at his death the way the 70s outsider felt about the loss of David Bowie. It seemed like

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