07 Nov 2016

Dear America: Please Don’t Fuck This Up

“You, sir, are worse than Hitler.” It’s a scene from The Simpsons that takes place at the DMV. Homer pretends that both Patti and Selma’s cigarettes are his in order to save his sister-in-law’s jobs, and their boss accuses him of being worse than one of the worst mass murderers

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31 Oct 2016

Stop Advertising What You Do And Don’t Find Attractive

My relationship with my wife predates the advent of the internet. And so, I have no idea what the rules of acceptable behavior are on dating and hookup sites in regards to stating one’s visual preferences. But when it comes to social media and other forms of electronic communication and

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27 Oct 2016

Juice Plus+ Is A Big Fucking Minus

My friend Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is a respected medical doctor who I have personally watched toss back numerous alcoholic beverages and swear his head off. But that’s in private. Public Yoni is a little more restrained, which is why he hit the shift key and mashed his fist into the

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21 Oct 2016

6 Experts Tell You How to Prevent Gym Injuries

Do you ever wish you had a time machine, if for no other reason that you could go back and tell your younger self not to do some dumbass thing? I think it was Albert Einstein who said something about paradoxes and ripping apart the space-time continuum and all the

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