23 Oct 2017

Is Going Vegan Healthy?

People are way too much about who or what other people pray to. This has extended into caring too much about what other people shove into their face holes for sustenance. For some, food has become like religion. (Read my 10 Commandments of Dietary Zealotry.) If people want to eat

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20 Oct 2017

Gaining Muscle Mass: The Hierarchy of Hypertrophy

Anabolic Steroid / noun / “a synthetic steroid hormone that resembles testosterone in promoting the growth of muscle.” That’s what is most important for muscle mass. Just kidding. Kind of. Not really. Not sure. Anabolic steroids work. But work also works. And even if you’re juiced to the gills, you

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18 Oct 2017

The Training Mask Is Bullshit

Luke, I am your father … Your very gullible father … Perhaps the guy at the gym with the Darth Vader looking mask thinks he’s a Sith Lord badass workout warrior. Instead, he spent $80 so he could pay for the privilege of having a shitty workout. The training mask,

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17 Oct 2017

I’m White. I’m Male. I’m Privileged As Fuck.

The snowstorm came out of nowhere, and I was pissed drunk. I tried for almost an hour to flag a cab, but they were all full. Finally, I approached a stranger and asked if he could help. He was heading in the right direction and got me more than halfway

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