06 Mar 2018

Battling Obesity isn’t the Same as Getting People to Quit Smoking

No matter how hard I try to pre-emptively answer stupid questions, there are usually more stupid questions, because there are always those who love to hate on people with obesity. For the topic of this article, however, the question wasn’t stupid. Which is why it deserves a follow-up to yesterday’s

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05 Mar 2018

Why Is This Plus-Sized Comedian So Angry?

Fat people, amirite? Plenty in the news about award-winning comedian Sofie Hagen these last few days, because she’s pissed. The London-based performer is upset with Cancer Research U.K. (CRUK) for the public health campaign they launched regarding how obesity increases risk of cancer. She called it fat shaming. I won’t

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01 Mar 2018

“Small Wins” are Critical for Goal Attainment

He touched the end of the fence before he turned around. I was out for a run. I was coming up behind a guy who was on the slower side. He was a bit of a lumbering giant, but he was running, and that’s what matters. I was going to catch

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15 Feb 2018

Weight Loss and Decreased Metabolic Rate: It’s Not as Bad as You Think

I believe it is not uncommon to pay a sit-down visit to the bathroom in order to become as light as possible before stepping on the scale. On a related note, do you remember when many people lost their shit over that 2016 New York Times article about how significant

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