22 Jan 2017

Eat These Motherfucking Chicken Wings

In the days before smartphones and Google, you had to memorize shit. On Wednesday nights in 1994 I was often to be found at the grad student lounge at the University of Calgary, along with my fellow graduate students, who were also doing a master’s in history program. We were

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20 Jan 2017

An Elevator Pitch to Lose Weight and Change Your Life

The following is a true story. I’m going to be vague about this conversation because the person I had it with is a private citizen. He’s a medical specialist that I and my family would see on occasion. Nothing serious, but for maintaining his privacy I don’t want to say

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19 Jan 2017

How to Be a Happy Mom with Healthy Habits

Now that most of that New Year’s resolution bullshit is over … It’s not just about what you see when you look in the mirror. It’s about how you feel; when you look in the mirror, and the rest of the time as well. Motherhood is stressful enough on its

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13 Jan 2017

Go Ahead, Run on that Treadmill

I don’t know who 90% of the people on my Facebook friend list are. At present, I have over 3,500 “friends.” That happens when you’re well known in the fitness industry. Unless we have zero friends in common coupled with your profile photo being 90% cleavage and your more recent

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