29 Nov 2017

How to Ask for My Daughter’s Hand in Marriage

I have exactly as many goats as I want. Zero. I have zero goats. And I don’t want five goats. I don’t want even one goat. I want no goats. I don’t care if it’s a cute little baby goat. I don’t care if it’s a screaming goat or a

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28 Nov 2017

Weight Machines vs. Free Weights

I need a bigger basement. I’ve been lifting heavy stuff for almost a quarter century. Until about five years ago, when I made the transition to home gym, I regularly incorporated the use of weightlifting machines into my regimen. Yes, it was mostly free weights, but around 30% of my

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24 Nov 2017

10 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions to Start Thinking About Right Now

January 1st looms; a potentially life-changing day where you’re probably hungover as shit. 2018 will be the year you take your fitness regimen to an all new level, or perhaps just start one. But that’s more than a month away. You still have plenty of turkey washed down with copious

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23 Nov 2017

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets?

If you want to get big, you must be patient. I’m not just talking about the months and years it takes to build significant muscle mass, but being patient before jumping into your next set, because if you’re not taking sufficient rest between sets, gains will suffer. This is the

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