26 Jun 2015

The Myth of the Alpha Male

Any guy who says he’s an alpha male, isn’t. I’ve hated the term “alpha male” since … probably in utero. At a visceral level it struck me as an obnoxious marketing gimmick to sell guys on the concept of being an asshole. “Alpha male” is a bullshit term used to

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25 Jun 2015

Do You Even RD? A Review of “Lean Habits”

I still get hate mail for an article I wrote about holistic nutritionists for the LA Times over four years ago. Designations and education are not always the ultimate arbiter of knowledge and capability. Recently, Cracked.com had a piece entitled “20 uneducated dropouts who changed human history.” But still, it

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18 Jun 2015

Does Butter Cause Brain Damage?

The plural of “anecdote” is not “data.” But still, I have some awesome anecdotes about butter slurpers and how they achieve invading-Russia-in-winter levels of dumb. And so, I can only surmise that high levels of butter ingestion = drain bamage. It all began with some overripe bananas … I made

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16 Jun 2015

The Cardio Vs. Weights Cheat Sheet

Any time you move your ass you’re doing cardio. Weightlifting works your heart and lungs too, duh. A better term for what people refer to as “doing cardio” is “aerobic training.” But since I’m not totally anal, I’ll mostly stick with the common vernacular. This is all about weights vs.

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