17 Mar 2015

TIME SENSITIVE: If You Take Supplements You MUST Read This

Disclaimer #1: The only supplement I ever take is Vitamin D. Because, Canada. Disclaimer #2: If you do what I tell you to do in this post, I make money. For those of you not getting the Canada reference, it’s where I live. For six months out of the year

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15 Mar 2015

How to Suck at Parenting

Shut up! Shut up! SHUT THE FUCK UP! I wish I could say I only thought that, but I did say it aloud to my children. There are times that I suck at parenting. Lots of people do. If you have children, you have sucked at being their parent. The

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12 Mar 2015

You Don’t Have to Like Fat People

I am aware that I wrote a sensationalist headline. Got you reading, which is good, because this is important. The title is relevant, and in this context what I’m talking about in reference to “like” is what you consider physically attractive. You’re allowed to like what you want when it

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03 Mar 2015

Which is Worse: Paleo or Palin?

Today’s comparative dumbassery share common circumstance; they both recently strapped two hydrodynamic boards to their feet and achieved altitude overtop a carnivorous fish. Paleo jumped the shark late in 2013 with the marketing of “paleo water,” and last January Sarah Palin got too crazy even for the most ardent of

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