23 Apr 2015

What is the Secret to Happiness?

My thirteenth year of life was pretty horrible. I was one of the least popular kids in my school. Friends were few. I was a lousy student, unathletic, and weird. Still, one of my fondest memories comes from that time. My parents were divorced and a portion of each summer

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18 Apr 2015

Why I Will Never Interview Dr. David Katz Again

Interviewing smart people is the best part of my job. Well, going backstage to interview rock stars followed by getting free concert tickets to front row center is pretty epic too, especially when said rock star is also really smart, but I love that my career allows me to interview

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14 Apr 2015

The Body for Wife Story

“Body for Life” by Bill Phillips is one of the bestselling weight loss / get in shape books of all time, and it still runs an annual 12-week transformation challenge on their website, bodyforlife.com. The book really popularized the amazing before and after photo phenomenon. Yes, I have my own

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11 Apr 2015

Why it’s Important to Take Down Charlatans

Hey, you, the one up there on the high horse, the holier than thou one. Yes, you. Fuck you. I am a friend of Yvette d’Entremont, A.K.A. Science Babe, and I am proud of her. She’s done a great thing with her now viral exposé of “Food Babe” Vani Hari

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