27 Jan 2015

How to Cleanse Yourself of Toxins

Image source. Sing it, Britney: “Don’t you know that you’re toxic?” Toxins are bad, and must be cleansed, purged, and eradicated. Not decimated though. Decimating only reduces them by 10 percent, and that’s not enough. You need to get rid of all the bad nasty evil toxic stuff in your

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26 Jan 2015

How to Kick Ass at Monogamy

Before I began my MBA in 1997 I bought one of those motivational books: Awaken the Tony Robbins Within I think it was called. I made it through the first chapter. It began with “the power of decision,” like when you decide something that’s it, no going back, it’s gonna

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22 Jan 2015

How SciBabe Lost (and kept off) 90 Pounds

This Guest Post is by Yvette d’Entremont, A.K.A. Science Babe www.SciBabe.com / www.Facebook.com/SciBabe Screw you, Dane Cook. My brain is geared to like certain things: Puppies, dirty jokes, and data. I’m a scientist, so I made a career out of at least one of these. I also cry with joy

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20 Jan 2015

The Problem with Health at Every Size

Image source. There is a difference between coddling and compassion. Approximately one-third of the North American population is obese, and a significant number of them are suffering as a result. One of the things they suffer from is fat shaming, which, as I pointed out in this piece, seems to

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