24 Feb 2015

Forming Fitness Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” This is erroneously attributed to Aristotle, but he’s actually being paraphrased by Pulitzer-winning author Will Durant. When it comes to exercise, regular movement and eating well, I’d like you to learn to be excellent at these

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23 Feb 2015

The Exercise Myth

Even though I smelled bad enough to knock a buzzard off a gut pile, the people in the medical tent of the 2013 Victoria Marathon were kind and caring. One paramedic even let me use his cell to make a long-distance call to my wife, who was watching via Internet

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18 Feb 2015

Which is Worse: Food Babe or Food Poisoning?

One makes you want to barf, and the other makes you barf while sitting on the toilet. While the latter does indeed sound worse, especially with the whole “poop through the eye of a needle” part, there is more to this comparison requiring examination to determine what truly does have

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12 Feb 2015

Book Review: The Lean Muscle Diet

I knew this book would be awesome before I opened it. Big disclaimer time. I started writing about fitness late in 2008, and the first thing I did was go buy all of Lou Schuler’s books to find out how it was done. Not just the fitness stuff, but also

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