20 Jan 2015

The Problem with Health at Every Size

Image source. There is a difference between coddling and compassion. Approximately one-third of the North American population is obese, and a significant number of them are suffering as a result. One of the things they suffer from is fat shaming, which, as I pointed out in this piece, seems to

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19 Jan 2015

The Difference Between Inspiring and Shaming

You are a singularly unique individual. Just like everyone else. I don’t dig this whole special snowflake syndrome where everyone needs to be handled with kid gloves. Some people are awesome, and others just suck. If you go through life thinking the world owes you something wonderful, then the world

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16 Jan 2015

Why I Love to Run

Okay, I know it doesn’t really look like I’m loving it in that photo, but it was during my Boston Marathon qualifying run, which felt like my entire body was getting a root canal. Extreme endurance races notwithstanding, I dig being rapidly bipedal, and this is why: Want to get

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12 Jan 2015

Fuck Dark Chocolate

Fuck dark chocolate. For about a decade the sales of dark chocolate have been soaring, regardless of the fact that it tastes like someone melted down a bunch of brown crayons then let them solidify into bar form. Why the boost? A senior VP from Hershey said in 2006 of

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